Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rattlesnake Nation

Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Watch your feet as you step up onto the MTM porch--you may see the evidence of this week's snake vs. squirrel drama (a human won) still lurking under the floor boards!  A hungry rattler recently threatened  our beloved caffeine-addicted (Circle K brand--blatant product placement) Rocky, his two squirrely girlfriends, and their nest of newborn kits.  MTM Ranch owner and manager, Patricia Motley, heard the commotion and came around the side of the tack room to see the squirrel covenant bravely defending their young against a striking snake.  With the head of the shovel, Patty was able to pin the offending rattler to the ground and called in reinforcements.  When the friendly neighbor arrived, the snake was beheaded and the squirrel family was safe.  But at a great cost, for upon inspection, one small kit was found partially digested inside the dark pit of the snakes stomach.  Still, tragedy became comedy: the MTM Ranch crew has been having a good ol laugh by leaving the business end of the snake sticking out from underneath the porch, and separating the boys from the men by rattling hisssss tail with a stick as guests walk up (we make sure to do it after you've signed our waiver, releasing the ranch from all responsibility).  So watch your step.  But shhhhhh, you didn't hear it here.

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